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Analysis with the origin and composition of the natural rubber Send date: 2013-07-29 15:23
Natural rubber component
Natural rubber is made from latex, and the latex contained in the non-rubber component part to remain in the solid natural rubber. Usually natural rubber, rubber-containing hydrocarbons by 92% to 95%, instead of the rubber hydrocarbon is accounted for 5% to 8%. Different system of law, of different origin, even mining glue season different, the proportion of these ingredients may be different, but basically are within the range.

The protein can promote the vulcanization of rubber, slow down aging. On the other hand, protein has a strong water-absorbent, may be introduced rubber hygroscopic moldy disadvantage of the drop in insulation, protein as well as increased heat resistance.

The acetone extract some of the higher fatty acids and steroid substances from the natural antioxidant and accelerator role, there powdered with the agent in the mixing process can help to disperse from the softening of raw rubber.

Ash mainly comprising salts of magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate, etc., a very small amount of a metal compound of copper, manganese, iron, etc., because these multivalent metal ions can promote rubber aging, so that their content should be controlled.

Adhesive in water does not exceed 1%, in the process may be volatile, but the moisture content is too large, not only will the raw gum during storage and easy to mold, but also affect the processing of the rubber compounding agents, such as kneading easy to knot group; calendering, press out the process easy to produce bubbles, the bubbles are generated in the vulcanization process or spongy.

Natural rubber Network sources
The Hevea most commercial rubber. It hurt (such as the bark of the stem is cut) will secrete large amounts containing sap of the rubber emulsion.

In addition, the fig tree and some Euphorbiaceae plant rubber. Germany during the Second World War because of rubber supply is cut off, and have tried rubber made rom these plants, but later changed to the production of synthetic rubber.

The initial rubber tree grown in South America, but after artificial transplant Southeast Asia also planted rubber trees. In fact, Asia has become the most important source of rubber land.Made of rubber from guayule rubber can reduce sensitivity.