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Some of the characteristics of natural rubber Send date: 2012-11-14 15:26
In modern life, there is a growing emphasis on the quality of life. Naturally have higher requirements for the use of something. Rubber products are everywhere in our lives, the small useful to us every day to toothbrushes, large car tire or a part of the buildings. That respect for the quality of life of the population, especially in the daily life of a small object will go to focus on the quality of rubber, of course, people's impression, best than natural. Natural rubber you understand it and how much?
What is natural rubber? A: the emulsion separation of growth in the tropical rubber tree or rubber grass, made of rubber called natural rubber after precipitation of the evaporation and other processing.
The performance characteristics of the natural rubber: A: 1. Has good flexibility, its elastic modulus of 3-6MPa; 2 Natural rubber is a crystalline rubber crystals formed under external force stretching. The self-reinforcing; average molecular weight, which gives a high mechanical strength. 3 because of its molecular weight distribution is wide, and thus has a good processing performance. Good the dispersibility and cosolvency of it with the complexing agent, easy with the filler, and most other rubber miserable, easy rolling, press out the other mechanical processing and pasting molding. 4 has a good anti-air permeability, water resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulating properties and heat insulating properties. Intolerance aging is the fatal weakness of natural rubber. 6 containing a polar group in the molecular chain, is a non-polar rubber. Only some polar solvent resistance. Its poor oil resistance. Has good alkali resistance, but intolerance concentrated acid.
Natural rubber in several grades? Their use? A: natural rubber in three grades. A glue can be used as high-quality insulating rubber; the two glue as a general insulating rubber; three rubber, as well as a two glue the rind only allows for the jacket and core filling rubber.
The skin natural rubber rubber cutting Grilled Why? Plastic cutting pay attention to? A: The natural rubber used as insulation requirements Flayer. After washing, the skin on the natural rubber will stick to a small amount of impurities and skin glue performance has declined due to the role of light, oxygen, for insulation Flayer. Glue, cut plastic use warm insulation Pa Pi Houqie jacket not Flayer can directly cut, synthetic rubber removed skin color, you can cut, the open mixing with plastic blocks into cut into triangle, easy-breaking material, operating safety. Cut plastic blocks should be insulated and sheathed stacked separately in order to prevent the bond and fall into the debris should be sprinkled with sifted talc and covered over.
The natural rubber Why should masticated? What are the different methods mastication? A: Because the natural rubber small plastic, high flexibility, not easy mixing process must be flexible natural rubber into a plastic state, is conducive to the mixing process, there are two kinds of methods used by the mastication of natural rubber: a the species mixing mechanical cracking open mastication law, another is sealed rubber mixing machine the thermal oxidative cleavage mastication law.
Natural rubber Why rinse? What is the purpose of the natural rubber temperature glue? A: natural rubber in the 50-kilogram an outside packaging. Due to the appearance package glue was dirty, sticky kinds of debris and dirt, so wash with water. The purpose of natural rubber temperature glue, natural rubber wash with water, sticky moisture to be evaporated dry, another purpose of natural rubber hardening at low temperatures will freeze and can not be cut rubber and plastic refining.
The impact of the chemical composition of the natural rubber and its impact on the performance of the rubber? A: 1) Moisture: moisture content too much, not only to make the raw rubber is easy to mold during storage affect the processing of rubber, such as mixing, compounding agents prone to agglomerate dispersed unevenly, rolling, extrusion process easy to produce bubbles, the bubbles are generated in the vulcanization process or sponge. 2) Ash: some inorganic salts of a major time of the ash content of the natural rubber material. In addition to the larger water absorption will be reduced due to the electrical insulating properties of the article, wherein the copper, manganese and other multivalent metal ions will promote the aging of the rubber. 3) Protein: the protein in the raw rubber when heated will decompose the amino acids, it has the role of promoting rubber vulcanization, and also have anti-aging effects. But the water-absorbent, electrical insulating properties. 4) acetone extracts: such component is a higher fatty acid, sterols and other resinous substances, they are due to be acetone extraction and named. Such substances from the rubber plasticized activation sulfide as well as anti-aging effects, thus containing acetone extraction raw rubber material, its plasticity, curing speed, and difficult to aging. 5) Water soluble matter: such substances sugars and water-soluble substances (inorganic salts). Such material is easy to absorb water, if the content is large, will reduce the insulating properties of the article.